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How to Choose the best hiking jacket

A hiking jacket is one essential piece of clothing that you need to invest in. Choosing the right hiking jacket can be a very personal task, but still, there is a right and a wrong when it comes to outdoor gear.  

Patagonia Nano-Air Hoody Review

It may even be the most popular insulated mid-layer jacket currently available. Is all the hype worth the price? We aim to answer that question for you.

Arc'teryx Beta AR Jacket Review

We chose the Arc'Teryx Beta AR Jacket because of its all-around performance and durability. Made with premium Gore-Tex materials, the Arc’teryx Beta AR Jacket has been a front runner since its release in 2000.

Beginners guide to ultralight backpacking

Knowing what gear to bring, what food to eat, and how to plan for an ultralight trip will look different than what you may have been doing. So, taking time to adjust and modify your equipment and packing systems will be an important part of your journey.

Backpacking repair kit: How to repair almost anything on the trial

This may seem a bit overkill to some backpackers. Yet, Mother Nature requires you to be self-sufficient when you are out there.  If something breaks, it will be up to you to make it usable again, at least for your trek.

5 Lesser-known trails in utah

We put together a list of five breathtaking hikes that aren’t usually on the “must-do” travel list. This list is to help hikers or even locals get to know a few more hiking trails in Utah. These hikes will give you the best of Utah’s landscapes with a fraction of the crowds.

Packaged vs. homemade backpacking meals

While it may not be the highlight of your trip, your backpacking meals on the trail play an integral role in your happiness and energy levels while hiking. Knowing which foods sit well with your body is one thing, but there are numerous other factors to consider. 

Hiking with your dog: practical gear and advice

Hiking with your dog on any outdoor adventure can be a blast. It adds an entirely new element to your relationship with your four-legged companion. Yet, it can also become complicated or even dangerous.

Hiking Arizona's Brown's Peak

The Four Peaks are the quintessential image of Arizona to some. You'll see them featured on the state's license plate, and the name "Four Peaks" is featured on many area businesses in the Phoenix Metro Area and beyond.

5 Vegan-friendly backpacking meals

Tired of bland meals when out on the trail but don't want to blow the budget on pre-packaged meals?

Read on to discover our favorite, field-tested, easy-to-make, delicious backpacking recipes. 

10 Wilderness survival kit essentials

As you start to increase your time spent in the backcountry wilderness areas of the world, the more you understand the importance of a decent wilderness survival kit.

How to stay hydrated while hiking

While knowing you should bring water seems like a simple concept, if you are new to hiking or taking on longer mileage, knowing how much water to bring takes a bit more thought. 

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