Wildland Trekking Publications

Explore the grand canyon with wildland trekking

Whether you are viewing from above or hiking down below the rim, it is truly a place that will give you pause. Trust us; it will be an experience, unlike anywhere else in the world. 

Explore sedona with Wildland Trekking

Red rock buttes, pine forests, supernatural mysteries, and steep canyon walls surround this quaint, high desert town. The endless number of trails in and around the city of Sedona provides a unique look into towering desert summits and remote canyons.

Explore Death Valley with Wildland Trekking

Death Valley is a land infamous for extremes and intensity. The name of the park speaks for itself. Despite the morbid sounding name, Death Valley is a fantastic desert landscape that is teeming with a surprising amount of life. 

Explore Joshua Tree with Wildland Trekking

This otherworldly destination is internationally known for its world-class rock climbing, geological history, and of course, the Joshua Trees.

Explore Colorado with Wildland Trekking

 Exploring Colorado’s backcountry will be an experience you won’t soon forget. The exquisite views paired with the right amount of solitude is a trip that you will not easily find traveling to other top Colorado locations. 

Explore the European Alps with Wildland Trekking

You will have a chance to hike past ancient glaciers, alpine lakes, and charming towns and cafes, giving you the absolute best experience that the mountains and European cultures surrounding them can offer.

Explore North Carolina with Wildland Trekking

The Great Smoky Mountains and the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina are premier adventure territory. The solitude of the wilderness regions is an unexpected treat for anyone looking to learn more about the Southern Appalachia area of the East.

Explore the Eastern Sierra Mountains with Wildland Trekking

The Eastern Sierra region offers a wide array of scenery, including major ski areas, beautiful lakes, Bodie Ghost Town, and of course, plenty of trails for hiking and backpacking.