Writing Services


Gear Review

Send your gear to be tested and reviewed or request a general product review and/or product comparison.


Location Guide

Highlight a must-see location in your area, your companies travel destinations, or in-depth guides for backcountry travel.


How-To Article

Instructional guides for anything outdoors! Topics ranging from backpacking, survival skills, and even organic gardening.

Weekly & Monthly Blog Posts

Looking for a contributing writer with expertise in SEO content and content strategy? Request multiple article publications on a recurring schedule for your blog or website. I'll come up with topics, outlines, and content that will boost your online presence and helps customers find you first. Now, that's a great ROI.


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Bring awareness to others regarding environmental issues relevant to your brand.


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Article Series

Choose an interview series, follow events, or introduce an expedition.


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Client Request

Have a special request that isn't listed on my website? If it fits my niche, email me with details.